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We make it easy for you to quote clients, add more products to your portfolio, and land sales quickly.

What sets us apart

Flexible, Year-Round Products

Short Term Medical, Supplemental, Dental, and Medicare Supplement Insurance policies from Allstate Health Solutions have flexible options to help you fit the right coverage to every client, with competitive commissions for you. These policies have no set enrollment period, you can sell and keep earning all year.

Packaging Possibilities

Options like Plan Enhancer, Cancer and Heart/Stroke, Hospital Expense Protection, and accident and illness coverage protect against the out-of-pocket costs your clients are concerned about. Packaged together with a Short Term plan or ACA-compliant plans, they offer extra protection from unexpected medical expenses.

Sales Tools and Support

With products available all over the country, we make it simple for you to find success. Easy-to-use online tools help you get quotes and land sales fast, and our team of sales professionals is ready to help you succeed.

Allstate Health Solutions makes it easy to get appointed.

For questions & help in the appointment process, connect with our sales support team.